August 31, 2017

Chapter Leadership

Board of Directors

2017 – 2018


Jacob Manteuffel, MD, FACEP

President Elect

Rami Khoury, MD, FACEP


Warren Lanphear, MD, FACEP


Nicholas Dyc, MD, FACEP

Immediate Past President

Larisa Traill, MD, FACEP

Executive Director

Belinda Chandler, CAE


6647 West St. Joseph Hwy.

Lansing, MI  48917

Board of Directors

Brent Felton, DO, FACEP

Michael Fill, DO, FACEP

Gregory Gafni-Pappas, DO, FACEP

Michael Gratson, MD

Emily Mills, MD

Marcus Moore, DO, FACEP

Diana Nordlund, DO, JD, FACEP

Candidate Member

Andrew Goodrich, DO