In the political process, money speaks. It speaks volume and it speaks loudly. Political lobbying and campaign contributions are an essential way for constituent groups to have an impact on the political process. As Michigan’s Emergency Physicians, we are uniquely suited to speak for patients requiring emergency care in the state. Our position gibes us credibility with both the public and the legislature. We are the doctors who are always there to treat all regardless of disease process, severity of illness, insurance, or ability to pay. But this is not enough.

Now more than ever, MEDPAC needs your support. With your financial support, the leadership of our specialty in the state and our lobbyists will be able to directly influence issues that mean the most to you.  Reimbursement, liability issues, staffing as well as other issues can be brought to the attention of policy makers to support Emergency Medicine and its practitioners in the State of Michigan. Your dollars will have a real impact.


MCEP would like to thank the following ACEP members for their generous support of MEDPAC in 2017:
Michael Baker, MD, FACEP
James Berry, DO
Antonio Bonfiglio, MD, FACEP
Sara Chakel, MD, FACEP
Pamela Coffey, MD, FACEP
Kathleen Cowling, DO, FACEP
Sharmistha Dev, MD
Nicholas Dyc, MD, FACEP
John Erpelding, MD, FACEP
Michael Fill, DO, FACEP
Michael Gratson, MD
Charmaine Gregory, MD
Antony Hsu, MD, FACEP
Fadi Kasyouhenen, MD
Rami Khoury, MD, FACEP
Robert Malinowski, MD, FACEP
Jacob Manteuffel, MD, FACEP
Therese Mead, DO
Emily Mills, MD
James Mitchiner, MD, MPH, MPH
Diana Nordlund, DO, JD, FACEP
Patricia Nouhan, MD, FACEP
Paul Pomeroy, MD, FACEP
Luke Saski, MD, FACEP
Alan Sielaff, MD
Jennifer Stevenson, DO, FACEP
Mike Susalla, MD
Larisa Traill, MD, FACEP
Brad Uren, MD, FACEP
Mildred Willy, MD, FACEP