Resident Case Reports

Michigan Emergency Medicine News & Views is the official publication of the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians and is published ten (10) times per year. In each issue, there is a Resident Case Report. If you are a resident and are interested in publishing a case report,  please see the guidelines below.

Resident case reports must describe a case unique to emergency medicine literature. This can include a unique manifestation or treatment of a known disease process, a typical presentation of a rare disease process, or a unique complication of a treatment.

The case report will be limited to a maximum of 800 words, 2 figures, or tables, and 10 references.

The format should include a brief introduction, a narrative paragraph, and a discussion. The discussion should touch briefly on the disease process or treatment and then examine the implications of the report.

Please note: The format for the case report has changed. We will no longer accept case reports that are not written in the format above. If you have any questions, please email the editor at