August 31, 2017

EMRAM Teaching Award

EMRAM Teaching Award

The Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association of Michigan (EMRAM) announces nominations are open for its 26th Annual Excellence in Teaching Award. This award is given to recognize faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to emergency medicine resident education. The award will be presented at the EMRAM Annual Meeting scheduled for April 24, 2018 at the CMU Education Building in Saginaw, MI.  On this day EMRAM will also hold its Research Day and Annual SIMWARS.

Nominations for the Excellence in Teaching Award should be submitted to the MCEP office no later than February 20, 2018. Nominations will be accepted from resident members ONLY. Nominees should be faculty members in any Michigan Emergency Medicine Residency Program. Please, only one nomination per program.

Please submit your letter of nomination, along with a copy of the faculty member’s CV to: EMRAM, 6647 West St. Joseph Hwy., Lansing, MI 48917,

Nomination Form

Past Recipients of the EMRAM Teacher of the Year Award 

1992  James E. Cisek, MD, FACEP
1993  Gwendolyn Hoffman, MD, FACEP
1994  Jeffrey S. Jones, MD, FACEP
1995  Brian J. Zink, MD, FACEP
1996  Michael R. Clark, MD, FACEP
1997  Robert J. Hill, MD
1998  Glenn F. Tokarski, MD
1999  Emanuel P. Rivers, MD
2000  Scott Carlson, MD, FACEP & Mary Jo Wagner, MD, FACEP
2001  Earl J. Reisdorff, MD, FACEP
2002  Brian J. O’Neil, MD, FACEP
2003  Richard L. Lammers, MD, FACEP
2004  Lydia L. Baltarowich, MD, FACEP
2005  Frank T. McGeorge, MD, FACEP
2006  Robert P. Wahl, MD, FACEP
2007  Bradford L. Walters, MD, FACEP
2008  Ted E. Glynn, MD, FACEP
2009  Christopher Lewandowski, MD, FACEP
2010  Marson Ma, Jr., MD, FACEP
2011  James Webley, MD, FACEP
2012  Duane Corsi, DO, FACOEP
2013  Alan Janssen, DO, FACEP
2014  Robert W. Shaffer, MD
2015  James Mattimore, MD
2016  Michelle McLean, MD, FACEP
2017  Kevin Brody, MD