August 31, 2017



Medicaid Reimbursement Victory for Michigan Emergency Medicine Physicians

We are pleased to report that the enduring efforts of MCEP to convince State Medicaid officials to increase the rates for the Two-Tiered levels paid to emergency physicians has finally paid off!!

Effective January 1, 2016, the new MEDICAID  rates are:
UA Rate –  Treat and Admit       $97.06          (Previous $96.43)
UD Rate  – Treat and Release    $50.44          (Previous $41.94)

This equates to an additional 9 Million Dollars in Medicaid reimbursement annually for emergency physicians!!  This averages about $10,000 per practicing emergency physician in the state of Michigan!!

This accomplishment could not have come to fruition without the hard work and perseverance of Drs. Antonio Bonfiglio, Rami Khoury, Kevin Monfette, James Ziadeh, Brad Uren, along with Bret Marr, our lobbyist, and the late Diane K. Bollman.  The discussions began two years ago with countless meetings in Lansing and spanned the course of three State Medicaid Directors!

It is gratifying to see that the State Medicaid officials recognize and appreciate the increasing volume of care being provided by emergency physicians across the State. We are truly the safety net providers for the state’s Medicaid population.

Always remember that the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians is working diligently on a daily basis to support quality emergency medical care and promote the interests and values of YOU, our members!  This rate increase will pay your dues for the next ten years!!